Telemann's Flute Fantasias: A Transcription for Unaccompanied Horn

One of Georg Philipp Telemann's masterpieces is his set of twelve fantasias for solo flute. In this project, I transcribed the fantasias for unaccompanied horn. Because these works present many technical and musical challenges, the project includes additional research on appropriate performance practice. This information is based on standard Baroque performance practice for winds and brass, as well as practical considerations of how to create these sounds on the modern horn. Consideration is also paid to the technical limitations of Baroque instruments, as compared to their modern descendants.

Past presentations of the full version of the lecture-recital (entitled "A Horn Transcription of Four of the Twelve Fantasias for Flute Without Bass, TWV 40:5-8, by Georg Philipp Telemann") include:

International Horn Symposium, August 2018

Illinois State University, November 2016

University of Georgia, October 2016

Available for view on YouTube

Past presentations of the shortened version of the lecture-recital (entitled

"An Overview of Baroque Performance on the Modern Horn") include:

Mid-south Horn Workshop, March 2018

James Madison University, March 2018

Western Illinois University, November 2017

This research is published as a doctoral dissertation:

"A Horn Transcription of Four of the Twelve Fantasias for Flute Without

Bass, TWV 40:5-8, by Georg Philipp Telemann." DMA dissertation.

University of Georgia, 2016.

Publication of a modified version of the transcriptions is currently under

preparation for wide release. Please check back soon for more information,

or use the "contact" link in the upper right corner of this page to be

notified when it becomes available.