Performing With a Purpose: Community Engagement that Endures

Have you ever struggled to find meaning in your performing activities? Do you feel stuck in the rat race? Facing self-doubt about your performance abilities and the purpose of your musical work? On the other hand, have you found it challenging to connect with your audiences, or collaborate in a lasting and meaningful way with your community and those in need? Do you have an idea for a community engagement project and want tips on making it as effective as possible? Engagement programs aren't just outreach concerts, like you may have performed in nursing homes. Instead, they span everything from traditional outreach concerts to large-scale projects for social change, such as El Sistema. In this presentation, a collaboration with horn player Katy Ambrose, we use an interactive performance style to illustrate potential opportunities for added engagement for both performer and audience within traditional performance contexts, as well as give examples of existing arts engagement organizations that are connecting with their community and/or audiences in innovative ways. Using these strategies and thinking creatively about new and further opportunities for engagement can help to find a purpose in one's work, and create community engagement projects that have a lasting impact.

Past presentations of this material include:

James Madison University, January 2019

Northeast Horn Workshop, February 2019

International Horn Symposium, July 2019

Click HERE to download the presentation handout, and HERE to view our Powerpoint presentation.